Still #1 In Denmark

No More Stories held the #1 spot on Danish album chart on its second week, but dropped to #60 in Sweden (where it went in at #41 on its opening week). Another interesting fact is that the album is now #130 in United States when it opened at #183 there. That’s quite a climb, isn’t it? Their current tour in America must have had effect on this, especially when they are warming up some of the last ever shows of Nine Inch Nails.

7 thoughts on “Still #1 In Denmark”

  1. Great news for the guys! 😀

    Um, one thing I’ve been wondering a lot lately is, when are the videos (Beach and Repeaterbeater) going to be aired? I NEED to know which one is the first or if I have to wait more than two weeks, I don’t know… Anything!
    The waiting is driving me nuts!

  2. It’s a nice jump in the US, the shows and word of mouth I’m sure are helping to push it up. It should be higher in my book, but people are sort of daft in the US at times when it comes to music. The top 10 usually consist of American Idol alums, Disney machine performers…MEW is so much better than all of that, but some times it takes time for things to catch on. I’m a believer in slow and steady winning the race. 🙂

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