Apparatjik… They Are Here

Apparatjik have released their debut album We Are Here and it’s available for purchase here. Once you have ordered the CD/DVD, you immediately get access to the songs. Here’s the video for Antlers.

01. Deadbeat (2:52)
02. Datascroller (2:57)
03. Snow Crystals (4:32)
04. Supersonic Sound (3:32)
05. Arrow and Bow (4:19)
06. In a Quiet Corner (3:34)
07. Josie (3:29)
08. Antlers (3:20)
09. Electric Eye (6:02)
10. Look Kids (4:52)
11. Quiz Show (2:33)

3 thoughts on “Apparatjik… They Are Here”

  1. Yes, this is very nice. The song is pretty and the video is super cool. Me likey.

    But, and you frengers know I’m only asking what we all want to know…where pretty please very much…is the video for “Beach”?
    Are they waiting for warmer weather to premiere it? They don’t have to.
    Really! We won’t mind.

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