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As we VERY WELL know, next year Mew are releasing a studio album with 10-14 new tracks and many of them are going to be played live when they start touring again. They are anxious to have a chance to travel places they have missed over the years, but the usual suspects (Nordic countries, UK, Japan) are surely on the list as well. Many of you have campaigned hard to get Mew to play in your country. Remember when Mexico called and called and it eventually happened? USA would be fairly easy for bigger cities (New York, Los Angeles), but the size of the country alone calls for more shows. And more time. We know where the fans are, Facebook and Twitter do not lie.

Bo Madsen wrote on Facebook: “Thanks so alot for all your great comments, we appreciate it a lot coming from EXQUISITE FRENGERS like yourselves! A lot of people write to us about coming to their town to play shows and we are gonna be going out to new places with the new record so stir up your local community and start harassing your local booker! It will be okay.”

What makes the next tour interesting are the setlists. Like any other band with a new album, Mew must also concentrate on their new songs and – per show average – some six or seven of them sounds about right. If a 90-minute show consisted of 16-17 tracks, that would mean that they are only able to play approximately ten titles from the whole catalogue of previously released material. Looks like Am I Wry? No, 156, Special and The Zookeeper’s Boy will be played in every future show, but what else? What would be your list of TEN songs? They need to be ones that they have played live in a last few years. Here’s my own uneducated prediction of what will happen, flavoured with some personal preferences (excluding intermissions, instrumentals, Bamse and the first two albums completely):

From Frengers:
Am I Wry? No
Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
Comforting Sounds

From And the Glass Handed Kites:
The Zookeeper’s Boy
Apocalypso (with or without Saviours of Jazz Ballet)

From No More Stories:
Introducing Palace Players
Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy

Tero Heikkinen

8 thoughts on “About Them Future Shows”

  1. I’ve really been digging Beach and Introducing the Palace Players lately, but I truly would not care what they played as long as I got to see them. I know they would not be inclined to come to Atlanta, but as long as they hit up somewhere in North America…I will be there!

  2. For one, I hope Boston is on the list and as far as a set list, ANY of their brilliant songs is worth hearing. Especially hearing it LIVE, so what ever the set list ends up being..it will be amazing..especially if it’s played in Boston… 🙂


    also, the songs they MUST play IMO would be:
    That time on the ledge (probably won’t but it’s my favourite song)
    She spider
    comforting sounds
    louise louisa
    seething rain weeps for you
    Sometimes life isn’t easy
    quietly (another rare favourite i probably won’t get to hear live, ever)
    And something from a triumph for man, since it’s lovely and horribly underrated, perhaps Panda or web.

  4. I have always wanted to hear a cover song from Mew. I wonder what they could do with Experiment IV by Kate Bush. It’s a nightmare tale. I just feel Mew could do this song very well.

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