Hultsfred Festival Announced

Grattis, Sverige!

This is the post where we predicted that Mew would play at Hultsfred Festival in Sweden and at Ruisrock Festival in Finland. We were a year too early – in one of these cases. Who knows when the other one takes place, but today the band and the festival announced that Mew would play a show at Hultsfred Festival which is located… ahem… in the town of Hultsfred. It’s one of Sweden’s largest and oldest rock festivals, and in 2013 it will be held on June 13th – June 15th. If memory serves, last time that Mew played at this particular festival was in the Summer of 2005. These people are able to book some amazing bands, so watch the lineup as it grows. They have already booked Portishead, Arctic Monkeys, Band of Horses, Adrian Lux and Mew’s old friends The Flaming Lips.

Mew didn’t have any shows in Sweden earlier this Summer, in fact they were only seen in Denmark and Norway. Time to see other countries presented. More shows to be announced shortly.


In other news: Mew have opened a Facebook subpage where you may send your artwork. Reach it from here. The band even promises a Christmas present for all uploaders.

Also, new merchandise must be on the way, because you may now buy their older t-shirts and stuff with lowered prices. Some of them may be almost sold out, so don’t hesitate.


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