9th July, 2004, LA

Hallo everybody… A little update of our ongoing recording-battle… Things are moving ahead at the speed of light!! Silas has been on fire the last couple of days, laying down one giganticsounding drumtrack after another. We have about 2/3 of the drumtracks done and with this pace we should be done with all of them in a couple more days or so! And then it’s MY turn!! “Welcome to Bass-Heaven”! It’s fantastic to finally have some music “on tape”… It boosts the confidence… Ya’ll know it’s a psyche thaaaang… But as if this wasn’t enough we’re being kept busy by our longtime friend and collaborater Jonathan Esc.. He’s done a couple of videos for us in the past.. Well, Jon’s here with us in the studio taking pictures and filming our every move, so that YOU, Frengerinos, at some point, can get an inside look at that wonderful-recording-world of Mew. Like Jon always says:”Documenting this shit is IMPORTANT! So shut up and DANCE! (that means play, in Jon tongue. -red.) We know he’s right.

Just think about it if…the Floyd hadn’t done all that filming while recording “Dark side of the Moon”??!! Scary thought.. I’m telling you… Thank God for people like our own Jonathan Esc! Without him and his passion our world would be a poorer place! And to all-a-y’all. Look forward and try to think “Outside the bun”!!!

-Mr. Bass

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