23 July 2004, Venice Beach

Hi frengers. Well what updates may I, Jonas, give you on our progress? The drums and bass are pretty much done, Johan and Silas enjoying some well-deserved rest while we are setting up the killer guitar amps, ready to do some guitar and other through-amps-type recording. As per usual we are using the gorgeous white Overbuilt amps which have just been squeeked slightly by Rick who makes them, to sound even more punchy, beefy and cranberrilicious. The mood here on Venice beach never seems to let down, it’s always really nice to be here. Listening to Phoenix, Genesis (Mama), Miles Davis and The Microphones as we drive down to Malibu for seafood, well, we’re just having a well nice time here.

Did a little interview and some dj’ing at the local indie-radio-show Under The Radar the other day, I think you may be able to pick it up on littleradio.com sometime soon (but I’m not sure how that techinal webserver stuff works).

This record is gonna be something else, it really is. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!
That’s it for me I gotta get back to the studio.
I brought some pictures for you to get a view of things
Take care frengers!








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