25. Feb. 2004

It’s night and we’re having the week off. So I’m pretty sure that the three other guys are all on the sofa, a beer in the hand and a lady between their legs….. uummmm well…. at least two of them! -Johan

The plan was to start recording the follow-up to Frengers in Copenhagen in the mid of Feb. That plan was ditched in the last minute by the four lovely bandmembers! “We are a bit bummed out by our discission, because we’re dying to make a new record” ,says bassplayer John Woolheart. “The thing just is that we do not feel that the material is a 100% ready”. Therefore the band have decided to push back the recordings for a couple of months. “I’m sure that the songs will benefit a lot from being worked a couple of months more”. “So much happens when we get together and really “dig” into the songs, you never know what’s gonna happen next”. ” We’re basicly trying to sqeeze as many details as possible into every song… and that shit takes time”! -Bo Madsen concludes.

(to read the full “RockRage Magazine” interview with longtime guitarhero Bo Madsen and Mews own ace of bass John Woolheart, keep reading the Journal)

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