18 January 2004

Dear frengers

We are currently cooped up in our house spending most of the day time writing and most of the night time writing even more still. It’s very exhilarating being in this place and in this process again. It is still hard to get a clear picture of the album to come but I think I can safely say it will be very weird and beautiful.

We’ve received some very nice accolades both from far away places, UK and our native Denmark which warms the mind and makes us glad.

Bo’s off this weekend, first to Boston and then New York where he will pick up some cool vintage guitars (exploiting the weak dollar) together with our friend, guitar guru Damon of the Swirlies. I do believe he will tell you more about this trip when he returns.

Put simply, we need to replace those fine jaguars that were stolen from us at the ULU gig in December… but we’re also looking into new stuff that we didn’t consider before. Incidently, we still have not caught the criminals who went off with those but we have cctv footage of them and it’s only a matter of time….

All in all 2004 is looking to become a fine year indeed for the Evil Office! Stay frengeful!


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