Video Diary – Part 9

Just when you thought the ongoing video diary would “only” have them eight chapters (it’s been five months since the last episode), they come up with a new one. The ninth episode is the first that was released since No More Stories and it’s also a rather lengthy one (almost four minutes). Narrated by doctor Nick Watts, the video also contains an alternative version (or a snippet if you will) of the song Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy. We will add the YouTube-link for our Gallery/Media-section as soon as one is available, right now you may catch it on Mewsite.

6 thoughts on “Video Diary – Part 9”

  1. I would agree. I laughed so hard. The stethoscope! Plus, having seen them live twice this past tour, it brought back all good memories. It was cool to see J.J. and their other tour personnel too! Loved it.

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