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There’s a 13-part interview with Mew on Uncensored Interview, a US-based website that discovers indie acts worldwide. The total length of the interview is still quite short as all the videos run less than a minute each. Bo Madsen and Jonas Bjerre talk about some interesting issues there, so check it out.

They also performed live for AOL Spinner’s The Interface, but the links for the interview and for the live sessions may not work in your region. Don’t you just hate regional videos? If you’re unable to play them, try the following YouTube-links: Interview, Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy, Hawaii + Hawaii Dream, Special + The Zookeeper’s Boy.

3 thoughts on “Uncensored Interview / The Interface”

  1. :O About the Uncensored Interview. I really loved the one about the Remixes, when Jonas and Bo were in disagreement, haha, very nice interview, by the way. Thanks for this.

  2. Thanks for the Your-Tube-links! I would have not been able to watch them in AOL Spinner’s The Interface site, they do not work in my region:(

    Very nice interview, I’m always happy to get new information about the band and they thoughts/observations even though it seems that they are being asked the same kind of questions again and again.

  3. I agree with Lina about the remix disagrement haha..!! But i really like the part where Jonas talks about how the audience make them feel… Thank you so much for uploading all this gold.. 😉 .. And as paula I was very pleased that u have given a youtube addres as well.. 🙂 ..

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