Mew are still doing pretty well on album charts. The Norwegian second week was #5 when No More Stories opened there at #2. In Finland Mew held the #2 spot for the first two weeks, but has now dropped to #4 on its 3rd official week (and just in case you’re wondering: the album was released there on the same day as rest of the Scandinavia, but the Finns just count the album sales on wednesdays when others do it almost a week later). In a few days we will know how Mew managed in Denmark where they went directly in at #1.


Mew have finally added Beach to their setlist. It was played live in Los Angeles (at Troubadour) last night for the first time and the song comes with new backdrops.


  1. Luis Wah

    we´ll be delighted to see MEW in mexico city next week. is there a potential setlist they might be playing and you could discuss here? they weren´t playing beach until L.A.? wow! other gems that might be missing?