Still Going Strong On Album Charts

Mew are still doing pretty well on album charts. The Norwegian second week was #5 when No More Stories opened there at #2. In Finland Mew held the #2 spot for the first two weeks, but has now dropped to #4 on its 3rd official week (and just in case you’re wondering: the album was released there on the same day as rest of the Scandinavia, but the Finns just count the album sales on wednesdays when others do it almost a week later). In a few days we will know how Mew managed in Denmark where they went directly in at #1.


Mew have finally added Beach to their setlist. It was played live in Los Angeles (at Troubadour) last night for the first time and the song comes with new backdrops.

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  1. we´ll be delighted to see MEW in mexico city next week. is there a potential setlist they might be playing and you could discuss here? they weren´t playing beach until L.A.? wow! other gems that might be missing?

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