‘Skyscraper’ Pushed Back?

Rune Schjøtt’s (with music of Jonas Bjerre) debut feature film Skyscraper was originally scheduled to be released this May, but they may not make it, so it will probably be pushed back a little. So, the actual release date is not known, but this gives Jonas more time to work on the soundtrack album. This is rather rare having a finished film (for weeks now) and an unfinished soundtrack album.

Jonas has a lot of unfinished material that he will keep working on after this month’s Apparatjik shows in Berlin.

“A lot of the stuff I wrote for the film didn’t make the final cut, so I pushed them aside and focused on finishing the material that did make the cut. But as I’ve grown quite fond of a lot of the unused stuff as well, I really want to finish it and put it on the album.”

Despite some previous articles’ claims, the amount of songs is not yet decided either.

“I don’t yet know how many ‘proper’ songs will be on there, haven’t quite decided yet. In any case there will be a bunch of songs and also a bunch of instrumental pieces.”

In this trailer they are using a passage from the song called Waste It and then (the previously heard) Kids Don’t Fight.

5 thoughts on “‘Skyscraper’ Pushed Back?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this!
    The video of Skyscraber trailer is wonderful, and Jonas’s songs really go well with the film, I think. “Wast It” sounds absolutely beautiful in it. I can’t wait to listen to the whole soundtrack album.;D

  2. Yup, agree with Anne & Hallis, “Waste It” sounds soooo GOOD!!! I rewind mid-trailer to hear that song again. Hopefully it’s not pushed back to long, can’t wait to hear the full soundtrack. Does anyone know if there are other contributors to the soundtrack or is it just Jonas?

    Also, the movie looks awesome. But since I don’t understand Danish, i can’t figure out if it’s a comedy, drama or a mix of both. I assume the movie would show us a different side of Denmark…cold, gray and dirty instead of the glamour,swank & sophistication of Copenhagen. I guess the title “Skyscraper” is sort of an ironic title for the movie.

  3. I think the same about the title.

    I can clearly imagine: the people behind the movie sitting around a table, trying to figure out what to call the movie. But its so hard cause there’s so many important things in the movie! Suddenly, one of them stands up and he says with a serious mind “well.. There’s difinitely NOT any skyscrapers!”

    That’s probably the way they found the title!.. 😀

  4. Hi there!

    The movie is called Skyscraper for the sole reason, that the main character, Jon, when he was young wished to become a skyscraper, when he grew up. He didn’t know what it was. It is explained in the beginning of the movie.

    Furthermore, yes it is a bit ironic… It is all very clear, once you see the movie.

    Vijay, the film will be made available with english subtitles and you can find a subtitled version of the trailer on Youtube.


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