Prizes, prizes, prizes!

Hey, folks!

This website launched on June 15th 2006, but in the beginning it was in Finnish language only and it didn’t feel right, so we expanded. The following June we will have some extra features for you – celebrating the past five years. We have been giving some prizes (on Twitter and on Facebook) for a few lucky winners and you still have a chance to win. The prizes will all be sent out in June, but the content of the packages will be a secret at this point. They are Mew related, of course.

There was this very recent interview by Jonas Bjerre at

“Right now we are taking a bit of time off, after touring all over with No More Stories, but we are constantly writing and will most likely start doing proper writing sessions for the next album later in the fall.”

Comment this post by guessing the month and the year for Mew’s upcoming album. Our wild guess is October 2012. We will randomly pick one of you as the next winner of the prize package AND we will return to this post after we really know the actual release date (which must be quite far away at this point). The one(s) who guessed it right will be rewarded with the upcoming album… no matter where you live. You have until April 20th.

Yeah… it’s very hard to avoid typing the word ‘winning’ for a post like this. It has a weird echo nowadays. Damn you, Charlie Sheen!!!

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  1. Oct 2012 they’ll say the new album will be released jan or feb 2013 but by then, we will all be dead because of the world ending in 2012. you should all buy something to OD on so you die happy, like morphine ^^.

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