No Mix Up, The Sixth Album is Finally Complete

These two tweets are the ones we’ve been waiting for:


What began a couple of years ago… has now been recorded AND mixed. Then you need the artwork for the album (by m/m Paris, of course) and all the logistics, promotion with record labels etcetera etcetera, but the SONGS are now finished. So, we have to wait for a few more months until we can actually listen to it. The first single should be on its way very soon, though. Mew have also recorded extra tracks (some acoustic) recently. You have to have these (if you can still call them b-sides today) for Japanese release, possible singles/EP’s and what have you. We will also post some new lyrics for you soon…


6 thoughts on “No Mix Up, The Sixth Album is Finally Complete”

  1. I wonder if they’ll include some material they’ve already released (like Circuitry of the Wolf played in some gigs years before Kites). Animals of Many Kinds for example: It is a b-side from Frengers, ryt? I’m not sure, that’s why I’m asking.

    Off: Isn’t kinda of progy bands to re-record stuff for later material? They can’t deny they’re a bit prog now.

    1. Animals of Many Kinds is the early track that spawned The Zookeeper’s Boy, and so it was one of Kites’ b-sides. Off the songs played live years ago, I wonder if Bamse the Bear will make an appearance, but probably not. That would actually make a wonderful b-side, IMO.

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