Review: No More Stories (Album)

We now have our very own official album review of No More Stories for your viewing pleasure. Written by Stefano Perfili, the review is a highly positive one. Would we post a negative review here? Probably not.

Read the rather detailed article here. As of now, the review is available only in English, but Danish and Finnish versions are to be published shortly. We will let you know when they are ready…

3 thoughts on “Review: No More Stories (Album)”

  1. Wow, i absolutely agree with that review, it is awesome and it could be their best work to date.
    Please now post the lyrics of the songs! or at least the lyrics from the intro of silas the magic car

  2. this review sums it up nicely. they’ve carefully honed a number of the characteristics of previous albums and pushed these notions further – the trademark dramatic tonal and rhythmic shifts of their songs have been amplified further by wider and brighter (indeed, happier) instruments, as well as what appears a simple but marked shift to the heavy use of off-beats and such particularly in the verses, followed by the reassurance and return to normalcy in the choruses, the shimmering vocals. it’s all there, but it’s all new.

    it’s a major accomplishment in terms of songs, music, lyrics, for mew. though, particularly imho, the expressiveness and architecture of the songs by mew, unique to them, is attributable to the drums. it almost feels as though silas has arbitrarily tossed rhythms on a pile, yet he’s landed them with such a precision that he’s constructed an object so solid, refined, yet so powerful, it’s the engineering equivalent of a jet engine. it whirs and churns with an inconceivable force, but ultimately leaves you gliding gently, thousands of feet it the air.

    positively dreamy.

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