Recording session in Copenhagen

We’re recording 3 more songs for the album. This will bring us up to 15-16 songs, some of which will be b-sides later on. This is going on in the excellent Sweet Silence Studios in our hometown of Copenhagen. It feels good to be home for a while, as touring does take its toll on you after a while, energywise. Maybe if you could get decent food on the highways in England (not that the highways are any better.. anywhere else) it wouldn’t mess you up so much… Anyway the tracks are sounding bitchin’ so far. We have the mad hands of Joshua producing and the skilled ears and fingers of Flemming Rasmussen and Troels engineering. Rich Costey couldn’t make it here for this session, but he will be mixing the tracks in the comfort of Cello Studios in L.A. We will be seeing him for New Year’s in Prague.


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