On our Way to Glasgow

Hey everybody, Bo here..

We are on our way, we just left Liverpool and headed towards Glasgow. I like Glasgow; we’ve been there a few times already within the last few months, and we’ve been well received every time, and we too have been kind to the Glaswegians, playing to them music, telling stories from far away countries. There’s a discussion going on in the bus as I am writing you: how will the Mew fireflies make it to our video? We need our Evil Office extras, these illuminated overpaid little bastards. Apparently the fireflies created by Jonas have been left back in Copenhagen, and we need their small glowing asses NOW, since director Sam Browne is finishing the Comforting Sounds video also NOW. So were on the phone with Sony, Sam and THE FIREFLIES ACTORS GUILD! it sucks but.. We’ll figure it out, don’t ya think?

Anyways, its been good meeting alot of you guys these past days, that’s alot of fun, and I am always impressed with people who gets our stuff. I’m not saying you need a PhD or anything to listen to Mew, not at all, but it is just so easy to go with the main stream, you ARE being bombarded with crap culture all the time. When we were in LA last year doing some recording on the Frengers album, we had a car. In the car there was no cd player. Therefore we had to listen to LA rock pop rock stations for a month. In the end you actually like some of the songs. It can be very dangerous exposing yourself to the wrong wrong things.

But we did NOT let LA fuck with our album, we fought those evil forces. We are passing some very beautiful Scottish landscapes right now, and I have the urge to leave you, pass you on to Jonas, and put me on some red house painters.. See you later, love Bo

Hello, Jonas here. I wanna thank all the Evil Office Clerks for signing up and becoming members of our world regime. We will be calling on you for your help in the future. For now, we just need you to spread the Mew-word. Also wanna thank all of you who have been visiting our forum and those who have created new places on the web for us in the form of fan sites and groups. This tour has been excellent so far.. These Scottish landscapes sure are beautiful to behold… And now back to the fireflies… Incidentally, we have completed a small film clip to go with our song Like Paper Cuts, but seeing as how we never play that song live it won’t be used as backdrop, instead we will make it available on the web for your viewing pleasure. More on this soon. Thank you!

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