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In the previous post you saw the very long album title, you saw the weird-looking cover and you saw the track listings (two of them being pictures rather than written words). We posted some of the information earlier on this site, but were told to take it off and we know now why… there were some changes to be made.

The official release dates for No More Stories are August 17th in Scandinavia, August 24th in the UK and August 25th in the US via Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment. Danish release date (via A:Larm Music) may be even earlier. Rumour has it, that it’s going to be August 15th (saturday!?!), a day after Mew have played at Beatday Festival in Copenhagen. Japanese release date is still unknown, but And the Glass Handed Kites was released a week earlier there (with two added tracks) almost four years ago. This could be the case with No More Stories as well. The album was recorded at various studios, but first and foremost at Electric Lady Studios in Brooklyn, New York and it was produced by Rich Costey (Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Franz Ferdinand) who is the man behind Mew’s 2003 release Frengers.

The first single will not be Repeater Beater (as we mentioned in the deleted post). It will be Introducing Palace Players and it airs on Finnish radio channel YleX on May 29th at 9:10am. Most likely you may hear this song all over the world around the same time. The EP (release date on June 30th) can be bought from various indie retails and it will also be available on the band’s tour dates. Mew are also filming a cinematic series of three videos with award-winning director Martin de Thurah who directed the music video for Special and has previously worked with Fever Ray, Glasvegas and Röyksopp among others. We will have more information on these videos soon.

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