Live In Copenhagen Broadcasted

Have you still not bought the dvd of the live show held in Copenhagen three years ago? Directed by Theis Molin, Live In Copenhagen was shot with almost 20 cameras and it was one of the last shows that had Johan Wohlert as the bass player of Mew. At the time of release, the dvd was considered to be a groundbreaking achievement by various Danish medias. The live show has recently aired on Danish television and you may also watch it from this link.

Mew also played 156, Medley and Louise Louisa, but these songs have been edited out from this television-broadcast. It’s still an hour-long video, so if you have not seen it – now is the time to do so.

5 thoughts on “Live In Copenhagen Broadcasted”

  1. Got the DVD, love it!!!

    Such awesome things they did with changing up the songs – like the intro at the start, as “Special” begins… or the transition from “Am I Wry? No” into the re-interpreted “156”… just beautiful. All my favourite songs, coupled with the lighting and projections, just great. Had no idea the DVD was so groundbreaking at the time! (Even the DVD menus and all that, it’s done really well… lol…)

  2. sure already bought it and watched it million times!!!!
    it’s really great performance and passion !!! comforting sounds 😀
    i hope everything is fine and i can visit u guys in summer sonic.

  3. Is there a place online where you can still buy this? In the US? Or even if it’s overseas, I’d pay for it if played in NTSC format.



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