Nordic Live Dates: Finland

“Helsinki! You are some kind of generous galaxy of pure warmth and glowing excitement in spite of your -24 C temperature (a reverse fever). I can’t believe how much people have taken notice of our subtle magic! Every time we go to Finland it is like some strange wonderful dream.”Mew journal (March 2006)

Mew is ready to announce the Nordic live dates that people have been expecting ever since the Danish (Copenhagen and Aarhus) shows were added for November. First up is Finland and it’s no surprise that the show will take place in the capital city. This is the first time that Mew will play at The Circus, rock venue located in the very heart of Helsinki. Last year the band played their longest ever set (123 minutes) in Helsinki, but – as it was a more intimate tour – that venue (Tavastia) was a bit too small for Mew and tickets sold out in two minutes. Now the capacity is doubled and 1.500 tickets go on sale this Friday. Also, at 37,50€, tickets are more than affordable this time around. Even a decade ago they were more expensive.

Norwegian and Swedish shows to be announced…

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