No More Stories EP

1. Introducing Palace Players (4:46)

2. Repeater Beater (2:31)

3. Owl (B-side) (1:18)

4. Start (B-side) (2:00)

5. Swimmer’s Chant (B-side) (3:25)

Total length is only about 14 minutes and the EP will be released on June 29th. Amazon has 30-second audio clips from the songs.

6 thoughts on “No More Stories EP”

  1. damn I doubt 30 sec clips are so accurate with your music switching about every 30 haha. Damn, why you making us wait even more, can’t we just get your album like now? too amazing to keep waiting..

  2. In my opinion, I dont think 30 second samples capture the spirit of these songs. That means im going to have to wait for the ep to come out then!

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