Another UK Date Added

According to this link, Mew will play a show at ICA in London on July 16th. This is the first solo gig for Mew this year and tickets go on sale later this week (June 12th).

You may have heard this already, but we will be hosting the new exciting series of Mew-podcasts here at MewX. The first episode (of MewCast) should be up tomorrow… so stay tuned! We will also add some other new features soon – including a new section called MewXtra where fans can share their artwork.

By the way, Mew made it to #1 spot at Soundvenue’s High 5. Keep voting to make sure they’ll stay on top next week as well.

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  1. That’s great news! School ends on the 17th for me, so convincing my parents to let me go might be a problem (getting a gig buddy to come would be probably harder) but DAMN if I don’t wanna miss this!

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