‘No More Stories’ Debuts At #2 (Norway & Finland)

No More Stories opened with record-breaking chart debuts in Norway and in Finland. The fifth studio album of Mew opened at #2 in both aforementioned countries when And the Glass Handed Kites opened at #4 in Norway and at #5 in Finland. Mew’s previous album peaked at #4 in Finland on its second week, though. In Denmark the 2005 album opened at #2 and in Sweden at #36, so this is already looking pretty good (hopefully the Swedish music industry has finally noticed this Danish band). Finland’s current position is actually quite a success, because only two days were counted (out of full week) and it still managed to get the second place on Finnish album chart. These official positions are based on CD sales only, digital sales are counted separately.

And… No More Stories is the #1 selling album both on the Norwegian iTunes album chart and also the number #1 selling album on leading retailer chain Platekompaniet’s digital store album chart. Plus it’s also the most streamed album on Wimp (which is the Norwegian version of Spotify).

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  1. I hope they chart well in the UK and at least in the top 40 in the US. Sales are so slow in the US that it is very possible that the record can do well here. 🙂

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