‘Hawaii’ Added To Setlist

In addition to New Terrain, Introducing Palace Players, Repeaterbeater and Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy, Mew have now added a new No More Stories-track to their setlists. The exotic Hawaii had its premiere last night during their show in New York City (at Music Hall of Williamsburg) and rumour has it that the next new tracks to be played live are Beach and Silas the Magic Car. Beach seems to be a certainty, because it’s going to be a music video, as we know. Take a look at this YouTube-video and see that Hawaii also comes with backdrops. There’s also an interesting review (and pictures) on the show on Brooklynvegan’s website.

In other news: do not enter the El Sueño-competition anymore. We have reached the deadline and your entry would not be noted.

8 thoughts on “‘Hawaii’ Added To Setlist”

  1. It was amazing. The band was pretty nervous about playing it as they said before they began, but then said they were quite pleased with the result of Hawaii being played…Bo said something like, ‘that went really well actually’. It did. The guitar work on that song is amazing. All of those lucky folks who might get to hear Beach live soon are in for a treat.

  2. I’m not from NYC, I actually travelled from Pennsylvania to see the show. They don’t do stops here. They did one here about 4 years ago, but it was the only one that I know of….and I missed it. 🙁

  3. i was actually there, but i can’t remember or read the writing of the names of songs on there…….
    does anyone know what the third, fourth and eighth ones are? i can’t read it … 🙁

  4. Yeah. To those who don’t know: ‘Shelter’ = Circuitry of the Wolf, ‘Swanky’ = Chinaberry Tree… Sometimes they refer to White Lips Kissed as ‘Japanese’ and An Envoy to the Open Field’s working title was ‘Dino’.

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