‘No More Stories’ #1 In Denmark

As successful as they are, Mew have NEVER reached #1 on any album chart – not even in their homeland. Until now. As people have expected, No More Stories did it in Denmark.

Mew are now officially #1 – CONGRATULATIONS!

In Finland, Mew’s fifth album reached #2 on its opening week and is holding that same position on its second week as well. In Sweden the album opened at #41 which is an absolute disgrace. It’s even worse than in 2005 when And the Glass Handed Kites went in at #36. Sweden, wake up!

EDIT: Mew went in at #183 in United States.

14 thoughts on “‘No More Stories’ #1 In Denmark”

  1. I’m not surprised by 183 in the US. I saw that yesterday. I believe it will move up as word of mouth spreads. Either way, it’s okay, they don’t need to the US charts to validate them. 🙂

  2. They might not necessarily need the US charts for validation, but it would definitely aide in them adding more tour dates in the US. I’ve been dying to see them for 4 years but they were never close enough for me to go. I am desperate to see them live. 🙁

  3. Agreed on all fronts. Having more sales here might add tour dates, but also, adding tour dates might increase sales. : ) And so true, about the #183 position, you have to sell over a certain amount to end up in the top 200 on Billboard. I do charts for other other fansites so I pretty much know how they all work. I don’t see the #183 position as a bad one, because the truth is, the record only officially dropped here on Tuesday, the downloads are probably what has gotten it to #183 in general– so next Thursday’s chart will really tell us where the record stands in the US after the hard release. Mind you, Billboard doesn’t even have info on No More Stories loaded on it’s site yet, I’m hoping to see it next week. I certainly will be looking. : )

  4. Yeahhhh GO Mew.. 😉 .. They so deserve it.. 😀 .. Weee. but i also gotta say it was about time “we” here in Denmark pulled our selves together and got them up their where they belong..

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