Mew To Indonesia

The Danes have just announced that they will be playing an Indonesian show next month. As the rumoured Bandung-show (on August 4th) never happened, Mew will be performing at Java Rockin’Land in Jakarta (on August 9th) instead. Indonesians must be very excited right now since the demand (on their behalf) for Mew has been unprecedented at various websites. Now, where is that Mexican show? Or Malaysian show for that matter…

31 thoughts on “Mew To Indonesia”

  1. Mew should really perform in Mexico… and maybe in another southern countries like… let’s say… Argentina next year?

    The day that happens i’m gonna cry of happiness.

    im so eeeeeeeeeeexcited and happy and happy and happy to hear that you’ll come to jakarta..
    i really am!
    see u there.
    CHEERS! ;D

  3. Hahaha! I’m here to chip in that since they’re coming over to Indo, and there’re frengers calling from M’sia and me being in S’pore… Why not have a Southeast Asia tour? It’s really close by 😀

  4. Linda_romanticpurple

    haha yes im jealous with all you guys! ur so lucky! haha.. i wish i could go home to Jakarta! but im study in here.. so mew, please come to Melbourne!!! we have huge fan as well, not just in Indonesia.. 😛 well australians also loves mew! one of my friend, he loves mew! he is australian.. so pleasssseeeeeeeee!!!!!! australian tourrrrrrrrr!

  5. sab-fu..

    hhahakk… i dont know what im talking about, i just know that i (the indonesian frengers) will come to sing aloud with you, m e w. . .
    hahahaha.. welcome to indonesia

  6. hey guys, dont think too much about that bomb. there are a lot of frengers in indonesia.
    i cant wait your great performance. so just come here!!! i have been waiting so long.

  7. hi world!!!
    indonesian frengers is going to make a tribute to mew in 2010. this is the first time for indonesian frengers and it’s the second time a tribute to mew is held in indonesia.

    thanks!! be there next year!!

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