Mew and the Glass Handed Kites

Oh frengers, thanks to all of those of you who attended our first gigs in Denmark.

The last month or so has been a busy one with rehearsing, preparing, filmmaking and so on… Bo has spent many a night working out his new guitar gear, which I must say is sounding amazing, and our good friend Ron Rege Jr designed some great looking trees for our stage. As you’ll recall he illustrated the 156 video.

If you ever get the chance to read his graphic novel Skibber-Bee-Bye, please do, it will be worth every every penny. Naturally we were slightly nervous going out there again after having been living in our little bubble of album-making for about a year and a half, but it felt so great to be there and I was relieved and happy to find that people took in our new songs already the first time they heard it, which is not an easy task given the structures and details.

We finally decided on an album title, and all the songs have proper titles now (we still call them by their working titles though, on the setlists so as not to confuse ourselves too much). To those of you who miss the working album title let me just reveal that Saviours of Jazz Ballet will appear on the album too, as it is the title of one of the songs.

Also I have made a short film titled “Apocalypso” which stars Silas Graae as a fearful driver. It is quite different from my usual style. This should be available to you online sometime very soon.

As always, dear frengers, you have our gratitude.

See you out there soon!

– Jonas

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