May 30th 2005

hej med jer. how what’s up are u all… ladida. i’m good, i cant believe i’m the only one writing these journals, the others must be feelin shy… it’s been a good but a little wierd day, we had to empty our old rehearsal space, it was placed in my dad’s company in copenhagen and we moved there a year before we recorded triumph. we wrote a lot of that there.

there was a big painting of the girl and the panda on the wall, they have been good compagny for us… it was a little sad… but found some cool stuff though, half posters and even triumphs… we will put a few very delicious never used, cd never out of the box kinda copies of triumph up for some of you to win in the near future…

the first single of our new record is called Apocalypso and is due out in the beginning of july, but can be heard on radio within not too long; it’s a fat, faster track, where everybody is stabbing in and out, it’s a great sounding track, i hope youll like it.. alot! i do. did i tell you that silas is one of the best drummers in the world… beinhorn was saying that shit too… check him out… the track also FEATURES damon t, who has just been married and was here in copenhagen on visit and left yesterday. we always have damon on our records.

well frengers, that’s it for now,


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