It’s a new year

8 January 2007

Dear Frengeritas … Happy New Year! (yeah I know… a bit late)

We are currently writing new material and I’m pleased to say it’s going very well! We are all excited and kinda giddy from all the music in our heads! We’ll keep you posted on our progress…

I want to extend an apology to all you frengers that have sent us comments and messages and who have not received an answer from us… I’m afraid our busy schedule makes it hard to get back to everyone. But thank you so much for all your support and compliments, they make our day that bit more colourful and frengeristic!

A lot of you have been asking about forthcoming tours and of course there will be lots of touring in 2007 but when and where is still not decided. But believe me as soon as we know so will you!

And now for a trip down memory (of last year) lane…










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