Indonesian Show Confirmed

Mew are returning to Indonesia this October. Guinness Arthur’s Day Festival will be held on October 26th in the city of Jakarta. This festival has also booked two other acts (so far), One Republic and Club 8, as this link tells you (tickets are on presale), but you have to be at least 21 years old to attend. As far as we know, this will be Mew’s fourth ever show in Indonesia.

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  1. correction: it’s the third show. they cancelled the show back in 2003.

    also, age restrictions sucks. already failed to attend the first two shows and the third one now has age restrictions.

    no, i’m not crying at all.

  2. Hi MO2PKU 😀

    Actually this show “Mew live Arthur’s Day” will be the 4th show in Indonesia as far as I know.
    The Mew Indonesia Tour so far (from the first – last) :

    2003 – Hard Rock Bali, BALI (full member with Johan) —> it was a small gig, well we still count it as a show, right?
    2006 – JAKARTA (cancelled)
    2009 – Java Rockin’Land Festival, Carnaval Ancol, JAKARTA —> the first big show in Indonesia
    2010 – Soundburst Festival, Kenjeran Beach, SURABAYA
    2013 – Arthur’s Day Festival, JIEXPO, JAKARTA —> coming soon on October 26

    Sorry to hear about age restrictions :((

  3. Wow, why is Indonesia so lucky?? 4 Mew shows!! In 2003, Frengers just came out, so when they performed in Bali they must have been like really “indie”.

    Can I have any of your opinion? I live in neighboring Malaysia, and I was wondering if it is worth to go to the show in Jakarta. Since they are not headlining (lame One Republic), how long will Mew’s set be?


  4. Yup! Here is Mew interview that mentioned Bali, Indonesia as the line up for their tour ->

    Since I know this is just the South East Asia so far (I don’t have any idea if they will come to another SEA countries) . For me if it’s not in Indonesia, maybe your country or Singapore or even Thailand or others (SEA countries), I would love to come to see their live 🙂 .
    Last Mew show in Surabaya, Indonesia.. The setlist -> + Am I Wry?No and 156 [Encore] . Usually (based on my experience watching the festival events) Band will perform approximately 1-1.5 hours, the longest is 2hours. I’ll try to ask the promotor how long they will have a show here 🙂 . We will update you in here or our twitter/facebook.

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