Excuse us for being away from journal world so long, we have been writing with our instruments instead, setting the new stuff in stone, caring it into great, the tallest oak trees, nordic myth making, ghost shaking. Its moving us to move u. We generously will not play any of it for now, we will not even tell u about it, this is how kind we are. we are tugging them inside our warm winter coats, little fast growing baby giraffes, swimmers and climbers.

I got an email from Johan the other day, he is in LA mixing his new record with The Storm. They spent 4 months or something in Arizona first recording it and im sensing a little homesickness. Ive been missing LA lately actually, hug me LA.

Anyhoodelydoo, its election day tomorrow in Denmark, get out there and vote for a new government, we need it.

Indie Stadium Funk forever


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