From Belgium With Love

Mew are playing the British Isles next. We will bring you some setlists and an extensive review on the London show (November 10th). Stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “From Belgium With Love”

  1. It’s not Beach. It’s a whole new song that I never heard before! With backdrops and all! And Bo sang, and Jonas, and there was this scary Teddy Bear and it was all great! I hope the song will become a B-side soon. I liked it very much.

  2. Jazz recorded the new song and some more. I think she will place it online soon?
    Ahhhh Bamse, it reminded me of Sometimes, it was scary and comforting/beautiful. The bear was so scary, hahaha

  3. I do not have the hymn unfortunately. 🙁 It was the first song so I didn’t take my camera out immediately. Videos are being uploaded, they are all very short btw, not whole songs. They are taking forever to be uploaded. I will post here.

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