Frenger’s Got Talent – Part III

Let’s take a look at some recent Mew cover versions from YouTube. This is our third part of the series, check out Part I and Part II as well.

156 (piano/vocals), Bamse (piano), Behind the Drapes (drums), Circuitry of the Wolf (guitar), Comforting Sounds (acoustic guitar/vocals), In Time Do You Forget (Daydream) (acoustic guitar/vocals), Introducing Palace Players (bass), King Christian (drums), Repeaterbeater (drums), Repeaterbeater (guitar), Silas the Magic Car (acoustic guitar/vocals), Snow Brigade (bass/guitar), Special (bass), Start (piano/vocals).

4 thoughts on “Frenger’s Got Talent – Part III”

  1. Thank you for that! I’ve never heard “In time do you forget” before, and honestly didn’t know it existed.. I love Louise Loiusa, so this was really nice to hear 🙂

  2. Yeah, I saw that when you posted the link some days ago 🙂
    Is it mostly just promotional-records since there are so many cd’s that I haven’t heard of in that list?

  3. Most of them are official singles and different album versions. Very few of them are promos, I think. It’s always mentioned there.

    Like In Time Do You Forget can be found from one of the Why Are You Looking Grave 7″ vinyls.

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