European Tour Tickets and More

Tickets for May tour are now on sale. Just head over to Mewsite and buy a bundle with various versions of + –. Today’s ticket sale is limited, and as far as we know, they go for general sales on Friday. Album details on Mewsite also revealed that the CD 2 will include the following live versions:

1. Coffee Break (Live)
2. Satellites (Live)
3. She Spider (Live)
4. Hawaii (Live)
5. My Complications (Live)
6. Silas The Magic Car (Live)
7. Water Slides (Live)
8. Cross The River On Your Own (Live)
9. Special (Live)
10. The Zookeeper’s Boy (Live)

Rows must be a really long track if they dedicated a full side from the vinyl to it… and/or it will have such bonus tracks that cannot be revealed at this point, or have not even been decided yet.

Satellites is now available on Spotify in its full length. The song clocks in at 6:09, so it’s over two minutes longer than the version we heard on Monday.

EDIT: Track durations are to be added on our Discography section. Rows really is a long, almost 11-minute song.

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  1. @Thomas D
    I read somewhere that it was done to avoid japanese customers from importing the cd from other countries. Apparently cd prices in Japan are high and the bonus tracks are a way of making it attractive to buy it in Japan instead of importing it!

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