Eggs Are Funny

Mew are releasing a compilation album called Eggs Are Funny on October 25th. Is the title a statement from the band that they really stand behind the cover art of No More Stories when so many seemed to dislike it? The album will also contain a new track – Do You Love It – which you can listen to here. Don’t forget to vote for the track as well (if you have registered on Soundvenue’s website). The track has a very familiar guitar riff, the one that we’ve heard live a few times.

We will be back with more detailed information on the album very soon, but here’s the track listing (as we know it):

1. Am I Wry? No
2. Snow Brigade
3. Introducing Palace Players
4. Beach
5. Silas the Magic Car
6. Wheels Over Me
7. Saliva (New Mix)
8. She Came Home For Christmas
9. Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy
10. Do You Love It
11. Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
12. 156
13. Special
14. The Zookeeper’s Boy
15. Comforting Sounds

Only two tracks from And the Glass Handed Kites!?! And what really stands out, is the fact that Wheels Over Me and Saliva are the only tracks from the first two albums when excluding the newer recordings from Frengers. A limited edition of the album should contain some music videos, too. Original article in Danish.

EDIT: Introducing Palace Players and Beach (tracks 3 and 4) have switched places since the original plan.

43 thoughts on “Eggs Are Funny”

  1. Wow… I’m a little bit in shock, didn’t expect this! Which I guess is Mew’s usual way 😉

    It’s strange that there aren’t as many tracks from ATGHK! At first I thought it would strictly be a matter of commercial success, but then, what is “Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed” doing there!?

    Hey, whatever, I’m sure there are reasons, and if it works, it works…

    New song “Do You Love It” is pretty interesting… that guitar riff is growing on me 😀

  2. wooooowwww!! I’m kinda shocked and happy!! :O
    Well the only new song is just “Do You Love It” but that’s okay. Finally hear something new from Mew!

    Thanks for the info! 😀

  3. I must add that the biggest surprise for me is that Apocalypso has not been included, but then I guess it would have seemed too much to have Apo, Special and The Zookeeper’s Boy on a row. I would have left out Beach or Saliva.

  4. The new song really reminds me of the first time I heard IPP. It growes on you after some listenings 🙂
    I’ll buy the album definetly, but don’t see it having potensial for a commercial sucess..

  5. Besides the new song, another real plus is going to be the new mix of saliva. If Im not mistaken, Mew has not released a new version before this. I am interested in how a HTWIWM era song will be redone by a NMS era Mew. The frengers era remakes were amazing, these can only be better.

  6. I have to say that i think its kinda strange making this album. Its like then they’ve made 4 albums and two compilation albums. I mean, hey you’re not the rolling stones or anything that old. Make some more albums and then compilations!
    Anyways i’m gonna buy this. So excited for the Saliva mix. And I do love Mew, of course. It wasnt just for making critic of them. 😉

  7. And now I just thought about it, Cartoons and macramé wounds isnt on this album. So does that mean it isnt going to be the new Comforting Sounds as some people wondered? Maybe it is live, i don’t know, just thought it was kinda.. remarkable.

  8. Add Cartoons, Louise and White Lips and take off five tracks. They are just too long. Eggs looks like just about 70 minutes (with fast counting), so it’s quite full. And do we even know if the new track is as short (on the actual album) as the one we’ve heard… what if that’s just a radio edit?

    Cartoons and Louise are both wonderful closers live.

  9. I have listened to it a few times, and it’s alot like Cartoons for me. In that, when I first listened to Cartoons, the impression I had of it was completely different from how I feel about it now-it kept surprising and growing on me until I was hooked. I love that about Mew’s music. You always discover something more amazing about it. And there’s always that little magical feeling in every song. It sounds really great in headphones.

    I want them to surprise us with a new song every week! This made my day. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. i seriously hope that this is not a case of compilation album (greatest hits?) and the band breaks up!!! i always strongly feel that any genuine artist should only release a comp. album at the end of the career. but i will definatelty buy this eventhough to listen to one song!

    As for Saliva (new mix), it makes absolute sense. From HTWIWM, only King Christian, Mica and Saliva didn’t make it to Frengers album. There are alredy new versions (new mix) of King Christian and Mica, so the next would be Saliva. The songs that made it to Frengers were quite different from the HTWIWM album, so they can be consideed new mixes too.

  11. I was supposed to get the video edition of this the 25th but I still can’t get it! Any idea if this is just a problem with my local store or if the album/dvd is late ??

  12. i just downloaded the entire album off iTunes Deutschland last night, and it is a very ‘spirited’ album. i think fans from around the globe will enjoy this release! “She came home for Christmas” is a classic…

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