Breaking Some More Eggs

Eggs Are Funny is a collection of tracks that Mew themselves consider their absolute best, but if you took a poll on a street, the fan version wouldn’t be that different. Right? It’s just very hard to choose fourteen tracks (plus Do You Love It) from five albums. Saliva is not a new mix (as mentioned before), it’s the very same version as on Half the World Is Watching Me. Sony Music is not ready with their version yet, but that should be released in November. Despite having two tracks from Mew’s first two albums, the track listing on that release is expected to be the same.

Limited Edition -digipack has a slightly different artwork, and the DVD contains all the music videos that Mew have released so far. The videos on DVD should come in thirteen chapters (not in the same order as they’ve been published):

1. I Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi (For You)
2. Panda
3. She Came Home For Christmas
4. Mica
5. Am I Wry? No
6. Comforting Sounds
7. 156
8. Why Are You Looking Grave
9. Special
10. The Zookeeper’s Boy
11. Beach
12. Repeaterbeater
13. Introducing Palace Players

14 thoughts on “Breaking Some More Eggs”

  1. I’m not sure I got this right. Mew release their album Eggs Are Funny October 25th and you can buy a limited edition which contains all of their music videos. This track list is the music videos and the list in the first article is the songs right?
    Are they gonna release the whole album again in November just plus the new Saliva? Cause then, why would you buy it without that song?

  2. First part: correct.

    “Are they gonna release the whole album again in November just plus the new Saliva?”

    Sony has not confirmed anything, but it should be the same release as the Danish one. The “New Mix” seemed to be a mistake on Soundvenue’s website.

    I have not seen or heard this new album yet!

  3. Sony Music in Norway are trying to get this out on the same day as the Danish release. It is expected that Eggs Are Funny will be officially released also in Finland, Sweden, UK, Japan, USA. These at least.

    There are no talks on vinyl-release. Usually compilation albums don’t get that treatment at all.

    You may pre-order the album at least on, but there must be many other sites, too. It will be everywhere once Sony Music announces it officially. Should be very soon.

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