daaaaee oooooh

hi all of you handsome and great music loving, almost wanna touch it folks, madsen here, updating you on whats going on in mew land and whats def not going on. i have not stared dating silas. no. on the other hand we do see quite a bit of each other so it could seem that way. we are still at work on the new to be sick record and we have been joined this week by mr tutunjian who is amongst other things working the 4 stringer.. its jolly, oh. today we will head for a music store to get new pedals to see what theyll do for us and then hit a mother jam. it will be fat.

we played norway the other week, one of the few shows we are playing this summer and it was great to be back there. i had a little guitar trouble but it worked out and jonas sang great. we did a new intro which we fucked up completely and so what, it was still good and also we ledged around a little and and felt sweet too. oh dear.

anyways, cant wait for you guys to hear our new S tra O la N la G la S

daaaaee oooooh


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