Copenhagen Gets A Solo Show

A surprise for those living in Copenhagen, and also for those foreigners who are already planning to visit this Summer’s Roskilde Festival. Mew are playing a special solo show at the Bremen Teater in Copenhagen on Wednesday, July 4th. For many of us, this means that we will have to leave the festival grounds for one evening during the warm-up period.

Tickets are on sale for the “usual price” of 156DKK plus 20DKK for fees (=176DKK). This looks like something that will sell out fast, so ONLY two tickets per buyer.

Original post from Bo Madsen:

“Yee all Frengers
This is the thing: We Orchestre are doing a club warm up show before Roskilde in Copenhagen Wednesday the 4th of July Tom Cruise. Only two tics pr person. For that special friend.

This is where its at:


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  1. Cheers mate! Thanks for posting this piece of info. Much appreciated!

    Remembering the secret gig at the Metronome studioes in Copenhagen in the Spring of 2009 beofore the release of No More Stories… Ahh those were the days… A magical night that was… 🙂

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