Contest: A Roskilde Haiku

It’s time for our biggest contest of 2012 – so far…

Two lucky people will win a full festival ticket to this Summer’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark (July 5th-8th, warm-up from June 30th). The winners will be selected soon after the deadline which will be at noon (12:00 CET) on Friday, May 25th, 2012. Should you win, the ticket will be sent to you by the festival organisers themselves.


Write a haiku poem that somehow refers to Roskilde Festival. We don’t mind if Mew and/or Apparatjik (or any other act) are also mentioned, but the festival itself is the key here. There are different variations of a haiku, but we accept only those with 5-7-5 syllables. A very poor and simple example would be as follows:

Mew are the greatest
They will play at Roskilde
I want to be there

Be more creative than the one above. Not only in English, you are also allowed to write the poem in Danish language (seeing as some 60% of this particular festival’s attendees are local). Participate ONLY if you are able to attend Roskilde Festival (so, mostly Europeans). We will surely have future contests coming to your region when the time is right.

Simply subject your email as A Roskilde Haiku, show us your poem and add your full name and address where they can send your ticket (in late May/early June) if you happen to win, and in that case we will notify you personally on May 25th, 2012.

Email address where to send your entry: admin (at)

Go creative, and good luck!

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