Call for Frengers Art

As we all know, Frengers are a very creative bunch. Over the years there has been a huge body of fan artwork inspired by Mew’s lyrics and imagery. In addition to a full archive of the mighty Frenger comic “Mew and the Swanky Magicians“, one of the features we will be adding to the new version of this site is a gallery containing a sampling of amazing Frenger artistic talent. (In case you have not yet seen it, or wish to revisit it, Mew has their own album of Frenger-created art on their Facebook page.)

If you have created some Mew-related artwork and would like to share it with us, please send a high-resolution image to webmaster at mewx dot info containing the following information (if known):

  • Title of Artwork
  • Artist Name
  • Medium (oil painting, digital painting, tattoo, etc)
  • Dimensions (if physical art)
  • Year Created



Comforting Sounds by Ann Lancaster, 36″x24″, Oil on Canvas, 2013

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