hi. do you have a new girlfriend? hows the wife taking it? we found ourselves singing loudly along to this gigant amongst albums yesterday, not really, its petite, its light, its precise, its prefab sprouts steve mcqueen and its great.

speaking of not too shabby records, Frengers came out in america this week, were letting little sonny boy meet the americans for the first time and it seems like the visit is going well. he even got invited to uncle KROQ for a spin and hes really having a great ol’ time. u bet.

the reason we were sing along to PS was we had a dinner yesterday, celebrating a good weeks, well half a week of good work at the evil office. we have had bastian with us all week and weve been adding bas to songs.. i will say i again: its been a good week for us and i get hot and ready, i mean ready oops did it again, i mean SWEATY, thinking about those tracks.
i also wanna direct folks attention to the fact that we put up special from the live in copenhagen dvd on myspace, and thats the words exculsive and world premier are just some of the words that springs to mind arising out a this occasion. wow.


copenhagen, london and los angeles,

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