25th December 2004

my radios on, john and yoko fills the rooms, its xmas day and its snowing here in copenhagen, its actually quite perfect…

its been real nice to get back to copenhagen, six moths in US is alot, I mean its got its advantages, New York is sweet yo, but… its so different from copenhagen, and just as depressing as copenhagen can get, the NO light periods, it suddenly reappears out of clouds and expose itself as perhaps the most beautyfull city i know. you start to realise, getting older and travelling alot, how much your city is you ( i guess that theory sucks a little for someone from a terrible shithole in the middle of nowhere, but anyways.. ), i feel conected w copenhagen, kierkegaard, hammershøi, dyrehaven, the coast and the wind.

so the year is almost over.. it went quick, we did a record, its been a pretty introverted process, we now look forward to getting out playing it, the more social part of the cyclus..

but listen frengers, we really appriciate you guys, you are our little frengerfamilytree and we thank you for staying w us for what must have seemed like a long sparse mew year.. but weve got something for you and we will see you all in 2005.

kisses from me and the boys

maddy xmasi


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