08 June 2004

hi all, bo here, we are in LA now. we will start working w bienhorn today, you know we are the saviors of jazzballet. it is not so hot here. it is nice temp for vikings. i was swimming w gio ( johan ) yesterday, we drove around yeasterday, we saw things. acctually, it was kinda fun, imagining ourselves seen from an outside perspective: the 4 of us, little skinny white guys, all in one car, driving round the hoods of LAA with the windows rollede down listening to very loud genesis MAMA, sooooo gay. we went to tower recs on sunset, where they actually had frengers, we even had our OWN catagory!!surprise and bought different cds. we wanted to try out some stuff we didnt know too well. jonas and johan were the most adventures. we went to the car, put them on, heres a review:

herbie hancock, futresounds: bienhorn co wrote and produced this legendary, by many called the beginning of hip hop rec. its first track, rockit, must be one of the most sampled ever! is it a rec that must have seemed so fresh, 83, and very inspiring at the time. it is in fact still a very inspiring and cool rec. we were off to a good start.

pedro the lion, the new one!!

i like the title of the first track: bands with managers. we have managers, so this seemed interesting. we played w pedro a year ago, and i kinda like the band ok, they have some good songs, they are very christian btw. i am not btw. this rec seems boring. too slick, and mainsteamy, they used to be more lofi and wierd. songs werent really interesting. sorry pedro. but still, could have been worse, and as it turned out, it might end up in the top 3 of the rec we bought that day!!

jonas adventures:

lets put all old prejudice aside, just for a day, jonas thought, lets give some bands a fair openhaerted chance, i will buy these cds ive read about, heard about.

canyon: cute girl on the cover. starts out mellow melancolli, a little jazzy, ok we thought. then the vocal comes in, uhh not so good. first of all, not a girl, the girl wasnt even in the band apparently. but HE was singing like one of those, i dont know a little like the guy from, whats that bands name, nickelbag really awfull, embarrising to be driving around w THAT coming out of the car.

perfect circle: hmm, dont like very gothic, hmm..

aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways this is taking along time and actually i was going to the gym, i DONT work out, but i was thinking maby to try it out, get in shape for the football season. ohh im loking forward to the european championships, which, yes, we, me plus gio, WILL be following from stateside.

kisses dear frengers,

da beauw

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