Want To Open For Mew?

Do you have an active band in the US and have a MySpace-page where your music can be heard? Then you may have a chance to open for Mew this December on their upcoming US tour. Mew are looking for bands to support them in Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles (the dates can be found from the contest’s link or from our up to date tour calendar). On this site they have also announced New York and Philadelphia, but they cannot be found from the final selections. Maybe they have already found supporting acts in those two cities. Read the rules carefully before you enter.

All entries will be judged by the members of Mew on the following criteria: musicality (25%), presentation (25%), compatibility with Mew’s musical sensibilities (25%) and energy (25%). The Grand Prize Winner for each Tour City shall be the entrant whose band receives the highest overall score.


PS: Americans should check out this link for cheaper merchandise. The official Evil Office Mew Shop is based on European prices and the American link will offer everything approximately half the price in comparison.

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