Track Listing Confusion

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the track listing of No More Stories. This is due to two different sets of promotional copies sent to media months in advance. The promos had various errors in track listings and even we posted Tricks of the Trade as Tricks. Other common mistakes are Hawaii Dream (often listed as A Dream) and Repeaterbeater written as two words (Repeater Beater = incorrect).


No More Stories will be released in Northern Europe next monday and we will have our very own review up this week. Meanwhile, if you have Spotify and you are a premium user, you may listen to the album tomorrow (in selected countries) and for free.


As you may know, the fifth album of Mew will also be released in vinyl format, but the release is very limited, so be fast. Only a few hundred copies can be found from each selected country. The vinyl of Frengers (2003) already costs a few hundred euros on eBay and other sites alike.


Sony Music has given us a few copies of No More Stories and some t-shirts to give away in a form of competition. We may also throw in a few EP’s as well, so stay tuned for details.

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