Skyscraper Music Video

You must have watched the music video for There’s a Cloud in My Brain by Jonas Bjerre earlier today…

On this music video…

“It was made by Louise Bruun (who also made the collages for the film) and an editor by the name of Sidse Kjær. I was just filmed singing and they put the whole thing together with edits from the film. I really wanted to make some videos myself too, but time just vanished, so I think this will be the only video for the soundtrack.”

On the Green Flame Forest -project…

“I know most of the people who are running the project, I am just singing along on the chorus in one of the songs. It’s a really good project, I think it’s gonna surprise a lot of people.”

On exchanging ideas with Bo and Silas

“It’s not really any different from what we always do, I mean we always send stuff to each other, even when we’re not actively writing, just ideas and thoughts and sometimes little pieces.”

5 thoughts on “Skyscraper Music Video”

  1. Cute video but would have been better if it was made by Jonas.

    Shout out to the makers of this video though for featuring a skyscraper from my city (Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


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