8 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Smukfest 2013”

  1. Read a review of the smukfest show on the politiken website. Apparently Jonas said on stage that the album was done. Something’s been misconstrued there right? Although I’d imagine they plan on finishing it before they do all those shows in November (guessing here)…

  2. Also found an acoustic version of “Making Friends”, and the stems from the full version (vocal, keyboard, drum parts) amongst the files that make up the Sensory Spaces app. Couldn’t get the app to work though.

  3. Sorry, Graham, but I had to delete your post with the link to the song. It’s Mew’s official material, even when leaked. We have to support the band and let it be public when the band wishes it to be. They don’t seem to be very happy about the leak anyway. These unfortunate things happen more and more nowadays, but what can you do?


  4. I completely understand. I actually deleted the video anyway because I thought it may spoil other people’s enjoyment of the app and because the band may not like it. I may have also ruined my own enjoyment of the app already but I will of course still download it and use it when it’s released. And I look forward to it.

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