Online Reviews #3

More stories on No More Stories (note: some reviews may be in English despite the country, the reviewer’s home location may also define it):


Sputnikmusic – 4/5


Danmark Radio – 5/6

Ekstrabladet – 5/6

Jyllandsposten – 6/6

Politiken – 6/6

Undertoner – 6/6


Me Naiset – 4/5

Plaza – 4/5

Viihdeimperiumi / Rumba – 3/5


Progfreak – 8,9/10


Mellonzine – 6,5/10

NORWAY – 6/7

SWEDEN – 3,5/5


The Music Fix – 8/10

Music OMH – 3,5/5

NoRipcord – 7/10


All Music – 4/5

Just Press Play – 9/10

QRO Magazine – 9,2/10

Rock & Review – NO RATING

More to come within a week in part 4 of our on-going series of Online Reviews.

4 thoughts on “Online Reviews #3”

  1. My favorite of these is the one from Indonesia, the critic uses the word gimmicky, like I don’t know….a million times. lol Okay, it’s actually not my favorite because that reviewer doesn’t get this band. Nothing is a gimmick, or ‘smoke and mirrors’ as the the review said, about this band. Anyway, for the most part, the reviews are pretty fabulous and well deserved. No More Stories… is an amazing record. I discovered MEW later than most, but I’m happy to know that they are just as true to themselves and the music they provide to their fans as they were on their previous recordings….the only difference is between their latest, and their older stuff is that they just keep getting better.

  2. Drowned In Sound just dropped their review of the record and they pretty much get it right. Saw the band last night in NYC and they are nothing short of a miracle live….and the new songs came off even greater than they do on the record and that says something. 🙂

  3. Metacritic’s score for No More Stories is 84, meaning it has Universal Acclaim. The score is based on a tally of reviews that are in so far. I think the number could only go higher. Congrats to MEW!

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