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This has been a long project for this website. We are still missing lyrics for a few Mew tracks, but you can now find a bunch of newly added official ones from our Discography section. Jonas Bjerre sent these lyrics, so the source is most trustworthy. You may now entirely forget the erroneous ones circulating online, and – even in the future – always check here first, as we only publish confirmed lyrics. Today’s long-awaited additions are Animals of Many Kinds, City Voices, Ending, In Time Do You Forget (Daydream), Misplaced, Safe As Houses, Say You’re Sorry, Succubus and Wherefore Are You Not There?.

“Husky glow
The moon hangs low
Saturn in retrograde
Monkey cage
Dimly lit now late at night

Polar bears
Swimming in the green collide
They’re not safe”

It’s fun reading the lyrics for b-sides like the children’s song Animals of Many Kinds that later became The Zookeeper’s Boy or the more serious In Time Do You Forget (Daydream) that found its place in the heartbreaking finale of Louise Louisa. For many bands these b-sides would have been perfectly fine as they are, but Mew do things differently…

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  1. Are there any official lyrics on the bonus tracks on A Triumph for Man yet? The lyrics listed on this site seem to be the same ones as the main album, despite them being slightly different on a few tracks.

  2. Speaking of alternative versions of the same song, I wish there are lyrics for “I Should Have Been a Tsin-Tsi (For You)” that appears in HTWIWM & Frengers as “bonus track”. Both these versions end with “…cause you should have been a Tsin-Tsi too.”

    Theres’s a whole line of lyrics before the above line that I cannot make out & its driving me crazy!

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