New Terrain / Nervous

Mew have posted the opening track of the upcoming album on their official MySpace-page. New Terrain is the kind of track that really works only as an intro, Jonas Bjerre told us last month. He also added that this particular track is his personal favourite from the album. Many of you already know that New Terrain is actually two tracks in one. Play it backwards and it reveals an entirely another song called Nervous. Lyrics were posted here last month. As even the title suggests, New Terrain is Mew’s intro to another world – separated from the previous album. No More Stories is a more joyful, happier album compared to the darker And the Glass Handed Kites, released four years ago. If you wonder why this song has an odd ending, it’s only because the first two tracks on the album are connected to each other. The second track being Introducing Palace Players.

11 thoughts on “New Terrain / Nervous”

  1. I did not know that backwards it was a different song!

    But, lets be honest, mostly everybody has either heard or knows they could hear New Terrain and, well, the rest of the album, for some weeks now. (and it’s bloody good)

  2. I love how they managed to make lyrics for both of the song! It sounds so amazing!
    If you want to have Nervous, download Audacity, open New Terrain. And then make it backwards 😀

    I’m so hooked on the new album, it’s so powerfull, and really enjoyable.

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